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An alternative social media platform similar to Facebook but without the restrictions and censorship,

About My Friends

My Friends is an alternative social media platform similar to Facebook but without all the restrictions and censorship, supports free speech and doesn't invade your privacy. You get to choose what is shown to the world and what is not, what is kept private, and what is shared with friends. With that said we provide this platform in support of your right to free speech. Our preferences to politics, religion, gender, etc. have no bearing on what you want to discuss with your family, friends, colleagues or foes. We simply provide a online social platform to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions within legal, moral, and safe guidelines. Unlike Big Tech social media sites that hire thousands to anyalize your data, My Friends will never collect or sell your information. Any information you provide on your personal page or company page is yours and yours alone. We don't resell or data mine any of your content.



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Free speech is not only about your ability to speak but the ability to listen to others and allow other views to be heard.

Everyone should be able to speak freely, without fear of being censored or silenced for your views. We are committed to creating sites that support your individual freedom and liberty.

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